Hundreds of thousands of dollars in victories for clients!

Select Victories:

April 2015 - Successful settlement of numerous claims to my client's advantage. 

March 2015 - Huge settlement on behalf of an employee who was harassed and humiliated by a supervisor. 

February 2015 - Great settlement on behalf of a low-income employee harassed ceaselessly by a supervisor. 

Fall 2014 - Excellent settlement on behalf of the victim of sexual harassment and assault at work. 

March 2014 - Huge settlement on behalf of an employee wrongfully terminated after complaining about potentially fraudulent activity.  

February 2014 - Successful EDD Appeal:  With my help, an employee wrongly accused of misconduct was able to finally get unemployment benefits. 

December 2013/January 2014 - Several Wage and Hour Claims successfully settled to my clients' advantage.

December 2013 - Six-Figure Settlement!  I successfully negotiated a massive six-figure settlement on behalf of a dedicated employee whose disability made her a target of discrimination in the workplace.   

December 2013 - Victorious Hearings at the DLSE:  Two wage claims successfully tried before the Labor Commissioner.

November 2013 - Six Months of Severance Negotiated:  I successfully turned a retaliation and wage claim into six months of severance for an employee of a major consulting firm.

August 2013 - PTO Finally Received:  I successfully negotiated on behalf of a terminated employee who had been waiting for her PTO cash out for weeks no luck.  Once I came on the scene, she finally got her check.

August 2013 - Successful EDD Appeal:  An employee who had been terminated from his job was denied unemployment benefits - an important lifeline when you've just lost your job.  With my representation he won his appeal at the EDD and he is now eligible to receive unemployment.  

 July 2013 - Successful Wage Claim Negotiation:  I successfully represented an employee who was improperly denied her final wages.  She collected 24 times the amount she was originally owed!